12th November 2013
Participating in ARM Technology Symposium and will showcase designs based on ARM Cortex Cores.

24th October 2013
The connectivity board for RX62 (Renesas 32bit RX600 family) controller with external epson driver that drives 10.4inch display was designed. The control board is based on Cypress Controller. The board is capable of driving 24 solonoid valves, relays, also has interfaces such as Flash, EEPRON, USB, Digital/Analog IO etc. The power module for 24 v to 5V/7amp and 3.3V/3 amps is also designed. 

12th August 2013
Designed and demonstrated the thermal printer with bluetooth interface on Freescale MO+ Controllers.

11th August 2013
Designed and delivered 6 different power module for LED Display Boards used in LED lighting (Indoors and Outdoors).

27th July 2013
LPC1788/40xx SuperChip design started and the same will be available for customers by mid of September 2013. Final  prototype test to be completed in August.

26th July 2013
Designed a board for RX62 (Renesas 32bit RX600 family) controller with external epson driver that can support 10.4inch Display. The board can also be used without the external driver and can be used to interface TFT using our multi TFT board or a 7 inch TFT board available from our shop. The unit also has interfaces for serial, USB, Ethernet etc. The software required for the demo of the complete board is being currently developed.

1st July 2013
We get a order for proto development for spectroscopy for metal analysis that will be using a CCD camera to analyze metals by detecting light (wavelength) reflected from metals (placed in closed chamber). This stationary metal analyzer will be used for process control in the metal producing industry and for quality control during metal processing as well as in laboratories for research and development.

26th June 2013
Successusfully tested new board for multi TFT dsiplays that can be used alond with our various microcontroller product lines. The TFT support is for 3.2inch, 3.5inch and 4.3inch. We will be provong the sample codes for all these TFTs for supporting controller boards.
The boards will soon go on sale. 

24th June 2013
We have successfully designed and demonstrated our first line of Bluetooth based Thermal printer modules and shall soon be available on our website for sale.
The printer can support multilanguage, image, bar code. Its a battery (Li-Ion) powered device with options of USB, Serial (Optional I2C and SPI) and can support 2 inch and 3 inch printer models from Fujitur, Seiko and APS.

12th June 2013
We design a single phase energy metering solutions for a customer in Bangalore and it also has GPRS module communication. The devices is capable of measuring current, true RMS voltage, frequency and detect tamper conditions.

April 2013
We have signed agreement with a Mumbai based Medical Equipment manufacturer for the software development based on RX62 controller, with a Epson Driver (S1D13517) that has the capability to drive 10.4inch Display. The development includes driver developments, protocol design and implementation and application. The first phase hardware testing is also done by CoiNel.

March 2013

This month, we have completed 250 total designs for various customers on LED lighting. This includes LED Board designs and power modules. These designs are used in Home automation, domestic and commercial lighting, street lights, solar based lighting etc

11th February 2013
CoiNel gets a initial proto product design for Aeronautical Development Establishment, Bangalore for "Acoustic Transient Event Detector". It is a 4 channel dynamic signal acquision module for making high accuracy measurements. The acquire rates range from 2-50KHz. Each simultaneous signal is buffered, prefiltered and sampled by 24 bit Delta Sigma ADC.

14th January 2013

We run a first successful test for DAQ Card based on LPC1768 with GPRS (SIM900A from SIMCOM) Interface. The module has interfaces for CAN and ethernet also. The sensor information read is successfully stored onto servers. The system has a backup power support via Li Ion battery with charge management. The devices shall be used in processing information from windmills.

7th December 2012
By order of one of the data storage service providers from Chennai, India, we developed a portable automobile recoder capable of reading/recording technical state of automotive. It is plugged into standard OBDII interface and transfers all the information and also stores locally. Next phase design in progress.

10th November 2012

Today, we added a new high-performance, “mini” interface board for thermal printer, The Board supports 2 and 3-inch thermal printer mechanisms (Fujitsu, Seiko, ALPS). The new boards are smaller and cost effective interface board series. The boards are available with and without print mechanism. When used as a combination they provide designers with a high-quality, cost-effective, space-saving printing solution for POS, kiosk, ticketing, labeling, banking, instrumentation and medical equipment applications.

31st October 2012
We added support for Cortex M4 based LPC4088 and have released the basic header board for the controller and is available through the following link.

10th October 2012

CoiNel supplies a multilayer design with LPC1788 (BGA), NAND Flash, RAM, USB, TFT, Accelerometer, Micro SD, 4x8 matrix silicon switches and battery power unit design.

4th October 2012
CoiNel team implements a data acquisition card (24 channel, 16 bit ADC, 12 bit DAC), Interface control via ethernet and USB. The data control is configured using PID algorithms.

21st September 2012
CoiNel Engineers successfully design and test the PH board for controllers based on Fujitsu FM3 core and controllers from ST.

18th September 2012
CoiNel signs agreement with the leading power supply manufacturer to support for multiple PCB design requirements for the next 2 years.

9th September 2012
CoiNel signs a agreement with the Customer from USA for its next three designs based on LPC1788 controller. CoiNel shall design the hardware and the firmware.

7th September 2012
CoiNel implements EMWin on LPC1788 MiO Board. The code support for the board will be provided as open source option which can be downloaded from the product link.

6th September 2012

CoiNel launches a base board for Thermal printer based on Cortex M3 core. The board supports 2 inch and 3 inch printer from Fujitsu and Seiko. The board has got tremendous reponse from visitors at Electronika 2012 held at Bangalore.

21 August 2012
CoiNel engineer designed and tested Cortex Flyer Base Board for Cortex Controllers. The controller headers are termed as PH (pluggable header) boards. The controller support for this board is currently for LPC111x, LPC11U24, LPC11C14, LPC1343. The baseboards will be on sale from September 14 2012. The Cortex Flyer will also be available as complete package that would include Base Board, CoLinkEx Debugger and few controller PH Boards.

15 August 2012
CoiNel Launches CoiNel CoLinkEx Debugger which was designed along with the partnership of CooCox. This Debugger supports Cortex M0, M3 and M4 based controllers.

10 August 2012
CoiNel launches LPC1788 MiO Board and sells it first board to a customer from Denmark.

17 July 2012
CoiNel specilists have successfully implemented the LPC1788 Based design called MiO and is expected to be ready for sales by Mid September.

6th June 2012
CoiNel team implements HFRR (High Frequency Reciprocating Rig) on Cortex M3 based LPC1788.

7th Febuary 2012
CoiNel team designs a 3 phase servo motor control card based on Cortex M3 based LPC1768. The speed of the servo can be set via USB and is configurable on the go from 1 Hz to 20 KHz. The 3 motors can be controllers individually or at the same time.

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