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CoiNel Technology Solutions LLP is an innovation company specializing in embedded system technology integration. Since its incubation in 2008, CoiNel has evolved as a company with perfect combination of experience and skilled technical professionals in Hardware and software design for embedded systems. Combining its creativity, experience and technical skills, CoiNel has a comprehensive system capabilities and a proven reputation of designing, developing and integrating solutions for various business verticals from data process/acquisition, consumer electronics......
Whats New

12th November 2013
Participating in ARM Technology Symposium and will showcase designs based on ARM Cortex Cores.

24th October 2013
The connectivity board for RX62 (Renesas 32bit RX600 family) controller with external epson driver that drives 10.4inch display was designed. The control board is based on Cypress Controller. The board is capable of driving 24 solonoid valves, relays, also has interfaces such as Flash, EEPRON, USB, Digital/Analog IO etc. The power module for 24 v to 5V/7amp and 3.3V/3 amps is also designed. 

12th August 2013
Designed and demonstrated the thermal printer with bluetooth interface on Freescale MO+ Controllers.

11th August 2013
Designed and delivered 6 different power module for LED Display Boards used in LED lighting (Indoors and Outdoors).

27th July 2013

LPC1788/40xx SuperChip design started and the same will be available for customers by mid of September 2013. Final  prototype test to be completed in August.


Cutomer Speaks
CoiNel designs has helped us immensely to market our MCU product line for Thermal Printer applications in Indian market. It is a pleasure to work with you on thermal printer project. Your Engineers have been very helpful in customer support and I personally appreciate the efforts. Well, perhaps we may meet again soon.
Best Selling Products
128x64 Graphical LCD-TM12864H6CCOWA
CoiNel CoLinkEx Cortex JTAG/SWD Debugger
Micro SD Card Breakout Brd
2 inch Thermal Printer Mini Interface Module
SIM900A Breakout TTL Board
New Products
128x64 Graphical LCD-TM12864H6CCOWA
3.2inch TFT Display with Touch
CAN Transceiver Breakout Board
PH Board LPC11U24
PH Board LPC1114
PH Board LPC1343
LPC4088 MiO Board
2 inch Thermal Printer Mini Interface Module
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